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With a digital camera Guangzhou Daily March 6, 2008 A7 version.

Report content is « hidden income dominance of the civil service louboutin boutique|louboutin femme. »

Data Figure: Payroll display, should wages 5,935 yuan, 0.00 yuan a tax.

Net Changsha March 26 (Reporter & nbsp; Geng Hongren) « Unimaginable, some sectors of civil servants do not even pay a tax, it is not a special right of citizens » Recently, an article entitled « News in Pictures found: salaries of civil servants 5935 yuan, 0.00 yuan tax « posts in various web forums spread, it is about the Guangzhou Daily March 6, 2008 A7 version of a news photograph in the payroll, according to friends analysts believe is a great possibility of civil servants , along with a newspaper of digital photos louboutin boutique|louboutin femme. Financial terms of the industry have said can not understand, of course, in the Red Net forum, there are friends, said a pay stub alone can not explain the problem.

In the post, netizens analysis is divided into four points: First, the payroll of « rank allowance » one, indicating that the payroll by legal departments; Second, the « rank allowance » is $ 0, indicating that the sector should not be for the public security department louboutin boutique|louboutin femme. But it should be prosecution, courts, judicial administration, customs and other departments with police, and the holder of the payroll for the sector of non-police civil service; Third, according to March 2008 before the tax threshold 1600 yuan, the extra wages payable a tax: (5935-556-1600) × 15% -125 = 441 louboutin boutique|louboutin femme.85 yuan! Fourth, the lower right corner: CFP for illustrating the figure may not be taken in Guangzhou.

In the Red Net forum, users no consensus for such an analysis, there is interpretation in place, said, « Viewing the electronic version of the daily newspaper, the 'interpretation of the experts' in the picture on the left as well: the hidden income of civil servants is visible dominance great possibility of civil servants, but civil servants are no exception, otherwise it will affect the government's image and credibility. « Also the netizen said, » This may be the legendary 'after-tax wages', that have been made before the press file wages tax it! However, hidden income of civil servants has been controversial, even if the pay slips this place the most transparent lack of clarity, it is difficult to convince the public louboutin boutique|louboutin femme louboutin boutique|louboutin femme.  »

25 evening, the reporter contacted the Red Net users are in Guangzhou, « Fei Yan », she also found a March 6 Guangzhou Daily were checked and found that circulated on the Internet is not a PS picture, but passed to reporters a few own digital photos (clearly indicated on personal income tax payroll reported 0.00 million). Then the reporter consulted the industry Changsha financial aspects, they all said that this is very rare, unless some units have tax incentives, but, even so, does not levy a tax not seen such cases louboutin boutique|louboutin femme.


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December 22, 2009, a woman dressed middle-aged man added a twist in the hotel hallway door opportunistic crime louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher. The hotel video surveillance video camera moves down a plus. Figure provided by Emin County Public Security Bureau at the hotel under video surveillance video camera moves a plus. Figure provided by Emin County Public Security Bureau

Asian Heart Network iyaxin.com (Ben correspondent correspondent cattle Secretary Wei Xiaorong) wearing a waist coat card, pedal high-heeled boots, with a look of exquisite makeup plus a hotel waiting to appear again in Tacheng County when committing the crime, the police caught from behind, « she. » Plus turned in a moment, only to find the police: this is locked by a video surveillance Nvzei turned out to be a man.


26, the reporter from Tacheng Emin County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade informed that in mid-January, the amount of road tower town Emin a hotel burglaries occurred. After the transfer of police investigators found the hotel surveillance video, a tall stature The track is very suspicious woman louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher.


« This video detection to some extent misled direction, let the suspect targeted in women. » Police investigators say my ute, January 17, the hotel waiter found a female customer in the hallway random twist of others door, my ute and his partner received a report arrived on the scene, nearly half an hour after a squat, will add about burglary, theft of a catch, « but then we know he is a man. »


The trial, aged 35 plus a small parents died early, due to psychological reasons, he has been to himself as a woman louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher. Before the crime, he hit temporary workers in Emin factories and clinics, and the purpose of his work in addition to feed themselves, the biggest hobby is to buy nice clothes and cosmetics louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher. After last winter, due to the local climate is too cold, the plant shut down, plus the loss of a source of livelihood. As noted in his hotel room locked often been forgotten, he decided to use their feminine dress burglary.


According add a confessed that he first crime was in November 2009, although the mood is very tense, but he smoothly from a drunken man's room and pulled out the other side of the shirt, stolen money more than 2000 yuan in cash and a mobile phone , plus some used the money for his purchase of a boots, pants and lipstick, eye shadow and other cosmetics louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher.


He tasted the sweetness, plus a start continuous crime, run into the situation to rest or tenant has not awakened by the sound of the twist locks, plus a say themselves the wrong room, but also politely apologize to each other, in this way several times to help him save the day.


According add a confessed, since November 2009, he has to use their feminine dress has two hotels in Emin consecutive 4 cases of crime, cash and stolen mobile phones and other items worth more than 4,000 yuan louboutin femme|louboutin pas cher. Currently, plus a theft because many times, is Emin County Public Security Bureau under criminal detention for a month.

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Yanzhao Evening News reported on March 18, « a pity! 5-year-old girl, said no no, the suspect is 28-year-old male bachelor neighbor! » Yesterday morning, Pingshan County Public Security Bureau of Interpol battalion Fan Yanping introduction area sigh of kept together murder louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique. Through unremitting efforts, yesterday 3:00, police in Pingshan Town Dongye murderer from the village to arrest a broken carton louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique. Under questioning, the suspect FAN for Carnal, postmortem murder confessed to the crime.

According to Fan Yanping captain introduced March 15 at 5 pm, the area Dongye village farmer home five year-old girl Maomao (a pseudonym) was gone, the family found a nearby trail passes have not seen, so reported the matter. The local police station and county Interpol squadron of police rushed to the village in time to start work dongye until the sky is completely dark down but could not find the missing girl. March 16 morning, the villagers in the village in a digester found the bodies of plush, plush is packed in a bag, the death has been a long time.

Soon, Pingshan County Public Security Bureau Cui Feng led the investigators, technical squadron of police rushed to the scene. After initial identification, plush lifetime trained sexual assault, pleural effusion, the Department of suffocation. Police handling the case analysis, the case was an acquaintance of crime, at least know the location of the digester, so Interpol chief Fan Yanping led the police to the nearby residents launched Mo Pai investigation.

Digester near plush home, and away from the nearest neighbor FAN home. By FAN survey found that this person is 28 years old, never married, withdrawn, drunken, 2005 was sentenced to over punishment for theft, after the incident, not a trace of the FAN louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique.

FAN home police to investigate and found bloodstains on the floor of his home, but also found a bag with fitted exactly plush body bags. Technical squadron of police through the blood test, the conclusion is: Consistent with the deceased plush blood bloodstain on the floor of the van home, FAN is the largest case of suspects.

March 17 morning, police again rushed home to FAN Fan arrest, their houses are not reflected in its trail louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique. Careful police found the house a television set mounted in cardboard boxes dithering, the police rushed to open the carton, a ferret suspects FAN from the inside louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique.

Trial that March 15 afternoon, the suspect FAN drank a bottle of liquor at home, he found near the neighbor's young daughter Maomao play, then move the Evil. FAN water will be plush trick fructose home, and then the implementation of sexual assault louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique. After the violence, he was punched hard hit hairy head, and finally plush stuffed inside a bag thrown inside wall of the digester.

According to police investigators, the suspect if not the plush interior throw digesters, there may be survivors. From the results of the autopsy, the plush brain cavity effusion, that she was still breathing. Interpol battalion Fan Yanping said the suspects FAN crime is rare in recent years, nature is very bad.

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw a deadpan suspects FAN. FAN said he had done did not consider the consequences louboutin pas cher|louboutin boutique.


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